domingo, 8 de mayo de 2011

Thousands of fans are heading home after this year's Glastonbury Festival.
Some 112,000 fans attended the Somerset event - with headline acts including Oasis, Sir Paul McCartney and Muse.

Quite simply the best festival anywhere, the fact that they managed to retain the true spirit while compromising on matters such as toilets, security and ticketing is very impressive. The mud was not too bad when you consider 150,000 people are walking on the grounds for 4 days! Highlights for me were James Brown, PJ Harvey, The Eno, Buck 65, Lamb's acoustic set, Amy Winehouse, Paul Mcartney and of course the incredible Orbital who managed to drawthe whole festival to the other stage with some of the best sound and light quality I have ever seen... will be back every year from now on tickets pending!
Yeshen Venema, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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