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Dj Tiesto - Live @ Disneyland Resort In Paris 04.16.05 Concerto S.Pietro in vincoli, Roma 2 Giugno 2005 Coro Laeti Cantores di Romae e la corale di Santa Nocera Umbria. MOZART E LA SCUOLA ITALIANA Orchestra Accademica Barocca W.Hermans Soprano: Rita Pillitu Tenore Roberto: Mattioli Contralto: Elisabetta Pallucchi Basso Leandro: Galeazzi Direttore: Angelo Gubbini Realizzazione video: Mattia Mariani --> Concerto 2004 --- -fvc-333-nr3

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"There will be a lot of dramatization and metamorphosis on stage. Some very strong effects have been inspired directly by Beyoncé, and only she could make (them) happen on stage" said lead costume provider and a creative advisor Thierry Mugler.[11] The main stage is a simple stage, with a pop up set of stairs, a big LED background screen and glass risers for Knowles' band "Suga Mama" and her backup singers "The Mamas". There is also a smaller stage (The B-Stage) in the middle of the crowd where Knowles later performs.

The show starts with Knowles' silhouette appearing in the middle of the main stage singing the first verse of "Déjà Vu", the main stage is flooded in light revealing Knowles. She sings "Crazy in Love". She continues to perform "Naughty Girl", "Freakum Dress" and "Get Me Bodied".

Knowles performing "Ave Maria".Knowles later emerges atop a flight of stairs singing "Smash Into You". Later, she performs "Ave Maria", adding an excerpt from Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" and Franz Schubert's Ave Maria". She continues on to sing "Broken-Hearted Girl". At the conclusion of the song, outtakes from Knowles' "If I Were a Boy" music video are shown before she appears to perform the aforementioned song. She includes an excerpt from Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know" and Tupac Shakur's "California Love".

A video interlude directed by Melina Matsoukas is shown as excerpts from Knowles "Sweet Dreams" play in the background. This is a short introduction before Knowles performs "Diva", Beyoncé appears at the atop a flight of stairs with her backup dancers behind her. This is followed by another video interlude showing Knowles singing and dancing at the age of 5. Beyoncé then sings "Radio", "Me, Myself and I", Ego" and "Hello".

The show continues with a short medley performed by her backup singers, The Mamas, followed by another video interlude featuring a coin toss between Beyoncé and Sasha Fierce. Knowles then appears from under the stage. She is wrapped in a harness and taken up and over the audience where she performs "Baby Boy". She is then lowered to the B-Stage where she finishes the "Baby Boy" number with an excerpt from Dawn Penn's "You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)" then continues with "Irreplaceable", "Check On It" and a medley of Destiny's Child hits. She then performs "Upgrade U" and "Video Phone". This is followed by a rendition of "Say My Name" where she interacts with one member of the audience, asking that person what his or her name is and then asks that person what her name is. As the song ends she runs through the audience to the main stage. Her backup dancers dance to excerpts of Destiny's Child's songs, as well as, "Beautiful Liar".
In the penultimate section of the show, Knowles appears in the middle of the stage as she sings "At Last", "Listen" and "Scared of Lonely". This is followed by a Youtube video interlude featuring imitations of the choreography for "Single Ladies" performed by fans. Beyoncé then sings "Single Ladies" with an interlude that contains excerpts from the Isley Brothers' "Shout". For the finale, she performs "Halo". She then goes to the top of her stairs and repeatedly says 'I am', awaiting the crowd to say it back, she then says 'I am... yours' and exits the stage.

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"Yesterday Once More", written by Richard Carpenter and John Bettis, is a hit song by The Carpenters from their 1973 album Now & Then. Composed in the key of E, "Yesterday Once More" preceded an "Oldies Medley" on the album, consisting of nine songs from the 1960s. At the end of the song a motorcycle engine was heard to transition into the first song of the medley: "Fun, Fun, Fun". The motorcycle was mixed out on the version appearing on The Singles: 1969-1973 compilation. However, very few copies of that particular version are on CD.

The song peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and number one on the easy listening chart, becoming their eighth number one on this chart in four years [1]. Though not quite as celebrated as signature songs Close to You or We've Only Just Begun, the ballad is nonetheless the Carpenters biggest selling record worldwide, becoming their best-selling single in the UK, peaking at #2. Richard Carpenter admitted on a recent Japanese Carpenters documentary that it is his favorite of all the songs he's written. He has gone on to perform the instrumental version at concerts.

According to Cash Box Magazine, on June 2, 1973, "Yesterday Once More" was the highest debut single, debuting at number 71. By August 4, it had reached number one.[citation needed]

Dionne Warwick, a close friend of The Carpenters, performed this song live in Las Vegas the night before Karen Carpenter's untimely death in 1983

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Daddy Yankee en Santo Domingo por el festival Presidente (cerveza dominicana) dia 16 octobre 2005..
una noche para gozar y bailar

Festival Presidente - A yearly and bi yearly Music Festival held from 1997 through 2005 in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic. Hernand Gonzalez and TIMG produced the televised broadcast version for the United States, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Hernand Gonzalez sold the TV Special to the Telemundo Network for US and Puerto Rico airing. The Festival featured the best of the best in Latin Music. Artist that performed at the Festival included Chayanne, Ricardo Arjona, Alejandro Fernandez, Juanes, Shakira, Franco De Vita, La Ley, Mana, Daddy Yankee and the list goes on and on.....

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Air Supply Live In Concert
. -

Air Supply Live In Concert plus a documentary Lost in Love, contained three U.S. Top Five singles, including the title track (a U.S. #3), plus "Every Woman in the World" (#5) and "All Out of Love" (#2) (sample). The album sold two million copies in the U.S. The following year they released The One That You Love, and the title song was released as a single and went number #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. It also featured two other Top 10 hits, "Here I Am" and "Sweet Dreams". A fourth single "I'll Never Get Enough", co-written by Jeanne Napoli, Gary Portnoy and Judy Quay, was released in Japan and achieved Top 10 status. Their third album, in 1982, Now And Forever, continued the group's popularity with the Top 10 hit, "Even the Nights Are Better" and two top 40 singles "Young Love" and "Two Less Lonely People In The World". In 1983, they released their "Greatest Hits" album with a new single called "Making Love out of Nothing at All" written by Jim Steinman. The song was one of their biggest hits ever spending three weeks at number 2, and the album eventually sold 5 million copies.

In 1984, their song "I Can Wait Forever" was included (although barely audible) in a scene in the blockbuster movie Ghostbusters, and was included on the soundtrack album.

Air Supply released their first live video, Air Supply Live in Hawaii. In 1985, they had one semi-major Billboard hit with "Just As I Am" and a couple of minor hits. Russell and Hitchcock recorded a 1987 Christmas album before taking a break from studio recordings. During this time, Russell Hitchcock released his self-titled album in 1988 which was not a big seller. However, he did have the single "Swear To Your Heart" in 1990 from the movie soundtrack for Arachnophobia which received significant airplay.

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Live at the Royal Albert Hall is The Corrs first home video, released on DVD in November 21, 2000.[1] The Show was recorded live on St. Patricks Day While The Band Were On There Talk on Corners World Tour in the UK the concert was Broadcast live over the nation by the BBC. Mick Fleetwood join The Corrs on Stage For Dreams, Haste To The Wedding and Toss The Feathers.

Watch TC - Live At The Royal Albert Hall (2000) in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at
"When He's Not Around"

"No Good For Me"

"Love To Love You"

"Forgiven, Not Forgotten"

"Joy Of life"


"What Can I Do?"

"The Right Time"

"Queen Of Hollywood"


"Haste To The Wedding"


"Only When I Sleep"

"Hopelessly Addicted"

"I Never Loved You Anyway"

"So Young"

"Toss The Feathers"

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Una de las joyas del archivo de TVE es el concierto 'Barbra Streisand y otros instrumentos musicales', emitido en 1974 en un programa especial dedicado casi en su totalidad a la diva de Brooklyn. donde muestra su gran calidad interpretativa, gracias rtve por estos videos

"barbra streisand and other musical instruments"

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The great Brazilian singer played in the Orpheum Theatre on November 2, 2007. Caetano Veloso helped forge the Brazilian multi-arts movement Tropicalismo in the late 1960s.

Video Courtesy of Darko and Mararlene.

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Super concierto en versión Unplugged de Poison en 1990 para el Music Television (MTV),

video de la TV, con un aceptable sonido no tanto la calidad del video pero esta bien para pasar el rato, admas esta muy buena la lista de temas a tocar

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This concert was filmed at the Montreux Jazz Festival on July 19, 1997 and features Ray Charles and his orchestra, led by sax player Al Jackson, and of course The Raelettes. The set includes many of his most popular tracks such as "Shadows Of My Mind", "Georgia On My Mind", and the No.1 hit "I Canít Stop Loving You".

Este concierto fue filmado en el Montreux Jazz Festival el 19 de julio de 1997 y cuenta con Ray Charles y su orquesta, dirigida por el saxofonista Al Jackson, y por supuesto El Raelettes. El concierto incluye muchos de sus temas más populares, tales como "Shadows Of My Mind", "Georgia On My Mind" y el hit N º 1 "I CanIt Stop Loving You".


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Crystal Gayle Live In Concert singing her hits and more(born January 9, 1951) is an American country singer best known for a series of country-pop crossover hits in the late 1970s and early 1980s, including the Grammy Award-winning, "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue." She accumulated 18 No. 1 country hits during the 1970s and 1980s. She is also famous for her nearly floor-length hair and was voted one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world in 1983. She is the sister of singer Loretta Lynn (who is 17 years her senior) and a distant cousin of singer Patty Loveless.

Por kikachannel

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Helmut Lotti The Crooners Everybody loves somebody Hello Dolly Mandolins in the moonlight What a wonderful world Medley: Just a gigolo/Ain't got nobody True love Blue moon Mona Lisa Moon river Caterina Smile That's amore I'm so lucky to sing The train of love I don't know how to love you How could I ever forget you The most expensive girl Full speed ahead There's a sparkle in your eyes I wonder Are you sure You will love again Stop looking in her eyes Take it with a smile

by: Omschrijving

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Unplugged es un álbum de Eric Clapton que salió a la venta en agosto de 1992. Fue grabado en vivo el 16 de enero de 1992 en los estudios Bray Film de Windsor, Inglaterra, para la serie MTV Unplugged.[1] Este álbum incluye la versión acústica de "Tears in heaven" y una versión especial para "Layla" con arreglos distintos.[2] Presenta además interpretaciones de otros autores, que han influenciado bastante a Clapton, como Robert Johnson y Big Bill Broonzy.

Por este álbum Clapton ganó tres premios Grammy, en las categorías "Álbum del año", "Vocalista de rock masculino" y "Mejor canción de rock"; además de otros tres por la grabación de "Tears in heaven".

En el 2000, la revista Q lo puso en el número 71 de la lista de "Los 100 mejores álbumes británicos de todos los tiempos". Algunos medios se han referido a este álbum como el origen del éxito de la serie unplugged de la cadena telesiva estadounidense MTv y como una vuelta a las raíces blues de Eric.

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Here's one of the world's most famous singers, live in concert singing the classic love songs from his album Starry Night and more. Filmed at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

Aqui esta uno de los cantantes mas famosos del mundo, concierto en vivo cantando las canciones de amor de su álbum clásico La noche estrellada y mucho más. Filmado en el Teatro Griego de Los Ángeles.

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El Gran Robert Nesta Marley o "Bob Marley" (febrero 6, 1945 a mayo 11, 1981) fue un cantante jamaicano compositor y músico del ska, el rocksteady y el reggae

The Wailers (1964-1974) y Bob Marley & The Wailers (1974-1981). Marley sigue siendo el más conocido y venerado artista intérprete o ejecutante de la música reggae, y es reconocido por ayudar a difundir tanto la música jamaicana y el movimiento Rastafari a una audiencia mundial. A pocos dias de recordar su muerte un 11 de mayo de 1981 Disfrutemos de este concierto!

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Sensacional concierto de esta diva de la musica latina donde nos ofrece gracia, simpatia y sensualidad con una figura espectacular y una fuerza para interpretar sus canciones Olga Tañon en concierto

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01. Waterloo

02. Eagle

03. Take A Chance On Me

04. Voulez Vous

05. Chiquitita

06. I Have A Dream

07. Gimme Gimme Gimme

08. Knowing Me, Knowing You

09. Summer Night City

10. Dancing Queen

11. Does Your Mother Know

12. Hole In Your Soul

Bonus Tracks: 01. The Way Old Friends Do 02. I Have A Dream (Unedited) 03. Thank You For The Music 04. Urban Lasson Interview 05. Thomas Johansson Interview 06. Tour Souvenir Picture Gallery 07. Mamma Mia Trailer on DVD ORIGINAL

ABBA - последний концерт

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Este concierto fue grabado en Estados Unidos Contiene en su repertorio éxitos de Peter Cetera
mientras pertenecio al popular grupo de Jazz/Pop: Chicago. 25 or 6 to 4,If You
Leave Me Now,Hard to Say I'm Sorry entre otros y sus éxitos como solista.
Glory of Love (Tema Karate Kid II) y muchos mas.
Fue lanzado en 2006

Peter Cetera Greatest Hits_Live
Cargado por kikachannel. - Ver los videos de música recién destacados.

Peter Cetera singing his hits with a full orchestra live in Salt Lake City

Chicago, vaulted the band to popular status throughout the world. The song "25 or 6 to 4" was the first major hit single with Cetera singing lead vocals. Chicago is also notable for featuring Cetera's first songwriting effort, "Where Do We Go From Here?"

hits "Wishing You Were Here" (#11) and "Happy Man" from the 1974 album Chicago VII.

No. 1 single, the ballad "If You Leave Me Now." Cetera's next composition in 1977, "Baby, What A Big Surprise" (#4

In 1982, David Foster was brought in as producer and the resulting group effort was Chicago 16 (#9). The album represented a major comeback for Chicago, and leading the way was the hit single co-written (with Foster) and featured Cetera on lead vocals, "Hard to Say I'm Sorry," which went to #1 in the charts. The second single, "Love Me Tomorrow," was also co-written (again with Foster) and sung by Cetera, reaching No. 22 on the singles chart. The third single, "What You're Missing," was yet again sung by Cetera.

When Chicago 17 was released in 1984, it became the veteran band's most successful selling album in their history, eventually going on to sell over 7 million copies in the United States alone. All four singles released from the album were sung by Cetera, including three which he co-wrote, and all of them charted in the top 20: "Stay the Night" (#16), "Hard Habit to Break" (#3), "You're the Inspiration" (#3) and "Along Comes a Woman" (#14).

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El MTV Unplugged de Café Tacvba fue originalmente grabado en Miami (ciudad donde operaba la señal del canal por aquel entonces) en el año 1995, pero por alguna razón el disco nunca vio la luz y quedó guardado "bajo siete llaves". Su lanzamiento oficial como álbum no se vio efectuado sino diez años después. Entre las razones que puedan explicar esto, están el hecho de que se creía que el álbum no tenía la calidad para salir a la venta y que por esto la disquera de aquel entonces, Warner Music, no llegaba a arreglos. Otros piensan que a lo mejor la disquera estaba esperando un mejor momento comercial. Según comenta el mismo Quique "era muy pronto para sacar un álbum de canciones en vivo". Sin embargo, en el año 2005, Rubén cuenta para una radio chilena que el disco "no se sacó en ese momento por una falta de acuerdo entre MTV y la disquera Warner Music". Pero a pesar de no haber sido puesto a la venta, sí fue transmitido infinidad de veces por el canal MTV Latinoamérica, cuya audiencia fue de cerca de 6 millones de espectadores en la región y que posteriormente fue exhibido por algunos otros canales. Esto último permitió que el concierto televisado cayera en manera en manos de la piratería.

Con la edición pirata del concierto y que sólo se podía encontrar en México; lamentablemente, también ocurrieron varios percances. Entre otros pequeños detalles de sonido, no se incluía el tema Una Mañana que ellos habían venido tocando (y que tampoco fue exhibido en el show de televisión) y que al siguiente año seria rechazado de Avalancha De Éxitos pero incluido en Un Tributo por lo que la versión oficial del Unplugged contenía, entre otros, este gran extra.

Al igual que Un Viaje este álbum fue lanzado en varias versiones incluyendo un DVD donde venia el extra de entrevistas a los invitados y otros involucrados en aquel evento, un producto de nostalgia para quienes lo vimos en su tiempo y anhelabamos una versión oficial con mejor calidad de audio y el orden original.

El álbum se editó con 12 temas en el orden original del evento:

El Aparato
La Ingrata
El Metro
Esa Noche (con Gustavo Santaolalla)
El Ciclón
Bar Tacuba
El Baile y El Salón (con Gustavo Santaolalla)
Las Flores/La Huazanga (con Alejandro Flores)
El Puñal y El Corazón
Una Mañana
La Chica Banda


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Los chicos de 'Hombres G' y 'El Canto del Loco' arrasaron allá por el 2005 donde quiera que fueran. Su histórico concierto en el Vicente Calderón, ante 55.000 espectadores que disfrutaron de una noche llena de rock en español

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Dream Theater - "Lorcavarium" DT's performance at the Lorca Rock Festival on June 18th, 2005 in Murcia, Spain



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