domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

"There will be a lot of dramatization and metamorphosis on stage. Some very strong effects have been inspired directly by Beyoncé, and only she could make (them) happen on stage" said lead costume provider and a creative advisor Thierry Mugler.[11] The main stage is a simple stage, with a pop up set of stairs, a big LED background screen and glass risers for Knowles' band "Suga Mama" and her backup singers "The Mamas". There is also a smaller stage (The B-Stage) in the middle of the crowd where Knowles later performs.

The show starts with Knowles' silhouette appearing in the middle of the main stage singing the first verse of "Déjà Vu", the main stage is flooded in light revealing Knowles. She sings "Crazy in Love". She continues to perform "Naughty Girl", "Freakum Dress" and "Get Me Bodied".

Knowles performing "Ave Maria".Knowles later emerges atop a flight of stairs singing "Smash Into You". Later, she performs "Ave Maria", adding an excerpt from Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" and Franz Schubert's Ave Maria". She continues on to sing "Broken-Hearted Girl". At the conclusion of the song, outtakes from Knowles' "If I Were a Boy" music video are shown before she appears to perform the aforementioned song. She includes an excerpt from Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know" and Tupac Shakur's "California Love".

A video interlude directed by Melina Matsoukas is shown as excerpts from Knowles "Sweet Dreams" play in the background. This is a short introduction before Knowles performs "Diva", Beyoncé appears at the atop a flight of stairs with her backup dancers behind her. This is followed by another video interlude showing Knowles singing and dancing at the age of 5. Beyoncé then sings "Radio", "Me, Myself and I", Ego" and "Hello".

The show continues with a short medley performed by her backup singers, The Mamas, followed by another video interlude featuring a coin toss between Beyoncé and Sasha Fierce. Knowles then appears from under the stage. She is wrapped in a harness and taken up and over the audience where she performs "Baby Boy". She is then lowered to the B-Stage where she finishes the "Baby Boy" number with an excerpt from Dawn Penn's "You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)" then continues with "Irreplaceable", "Check On It" and a medley of Destiny's Child hits. She then performs "Upgrade U" and "Video Phone". This is followed by a rendition of "Say My Name" where she interacts with one member of the audience, asking that person what his or her name is and then asks that person what her name is. As the song ends she runs through the audience to the main stage. Her backup dancers dance to excerpts of Destiny's Child's songs, as well as, "Beautiful Liar".
In the penultimate section of the show, Knowles appears in the middle of the stage as she sings "At Last", "Listen" and "Scared of Lonely". This is followed by a Youtube video interlude featuring imitations of the choreography for "Single Ladies" performed by fans. Beyoncé then sings "Single Ladies" with an interlude that contains excerpts from the Isley Brothers' "Shout". For the finale, she performs "Halo". She then goes to the top of her stairs and repeatedly says 'I am', awaiting the crowd to say it back, she then says 'I am... yours' and exits the stage.

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